About Mary

There Is Something About Mary

Growing up near Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, it didn’t take long for Mary Zeeble to fall under the spell of rock & roll. She quickly taught herself guitar, formed a band and hit the road. After traveling the world, she landed in the San Francisco Bay Area where she has put down roots for the last 15 years.

In 1995 in between producing songs and gigs, she was offered her first photo production job for a Mark Seliger shoot. After years of dealing with musicians and being unflappable, Mary was a natural for the job. She even became an amateur photographer along the way. A producer was born.

These days her reach extends to everything from finding amazing locations and doing both agency & real people casting to arranging the best catering, finding last minute reservations at the hottest restaurants, and great hotels with long loading zones and lots of luggage carts. After going from “I’m with the band” to “Ready for talent?” Mary has been there and done that. The legend is that her shoots are smooth but highly caloric. Indulge at your own risk.

—Anne Cook