About Our Services

In addition to our full service production packages for still photography, film and video, we also provide individual services, such as:

Production Management & Coordination

We pride ourselves on seamlessly and confidently running the show: creating realistic estimates, maintaining the budget, staying on schedule, providing detailed production books, managing the crew, locations, and client expectations—while having fun at the same time. We are great at getting people to say "YES"!

Budget Management & Estimates

All estimates, including revisions, are created promptly and are formatted in an understandable, detailed format. Close management ensures that every production stays within budget, every time. We can also invoice the project as a whole, saving you the headache of tracking and accounting for multiple vendors.

Locations & Permits

We are extremely experienced, resourceful scouts and can find any location you desire. We specialize in research and have an elaborate network of contacts to help us uncover your perfect location. While you may require a freshly scouted location for up to the minute images, we also have an extensive location library that encompasses just about everything. Permits, police coordination, road closures, street parking postings are a cinch. Hey, we know all the right people.

Casting, Negotiation & Booking

Our talent & casting agency can provide great talent whether they are real people or agency talent. Castings can be digital stills and/or video–in most cases posted online the same day. We organize and conduct file pulls and castings to meet your specs, whether it's real people, agency talent or a mix of both. Our great relationships with other agencies ensures you optimal availability along with the best rates for sessions and usage.

Art Buying

With an unparalleled knowledge of the many amazing photographers out there, we can provide multiple portfolios and websites for your review. We regularly negotiate favorable rates for creative fees and usage.

Crew Services

Knowing the right crew people for any given job is a specialty. We always book reliable, friendly, and super talented people: stylists for props & wardrobe, set design/fabricators, hair & make up artists, prop rentals, grips, digital techs, photo assistants, teachers, special effects, precision drivers, motorhomes, animal wranglers, you name it. And then there was that one shoot with the professional fire builder…

Equipment & Vehicle Rental

We rent all special equipment imaginable: camera gear, grip & lighting, generators, walkies, traffic cones, tents, steamers, water trucks, cherry pickers, motorhomes, vans, motorcycle sidecars, camera boats, helicopters, picture cars, and special effects gear. We can also arrange for specialty vehicles outfitted to store and transport all equipment.

Catering & Craft Service

Catering and craft service are very important for a happy set. For some, it is the most important thing. We serve only tasty, healthy, amazing food—usually organic—that is both satisfying and good for you. All dietary needs and tastes are accommodated, from vegan to carnivore. From the crema on your espresso, to the right flavor of Gatorade, drinks and snacks are carefully chosen for your crew. And we excel at dinner reservations to match your style and budget, whether a taqueria, locals favorite, or a five-star restaurant.

Travel Arrangements

We provide the highest levels of travel coordination, in the style to which you are accustomed. Air travel, transfers, hotel, limousines, location vans, rental cars—even skateboards. And our mapping services provide clear, direct maps to get you where you’re going…or leaving.